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The Wish list is here for individuals in need of a certain item/product(t&c applies), and unable to obtain at present time where the need has presented itself. An example ‘a child in desire of learning tennis, but family isn’t able to invest in a tennis racket’, ‘a child in need of a school uniform, but family isn’t able to buy a new one’, ‘it’s winter and family is in need of blankets, but cant afford to buy’. This is where we can help each other, we can make wishes come true for people who are in need. Once a month based on the requests sent through, a list will be shared via our social media channels and email, outlining the requests. A form will be available in the that post/email for anyone in possession of the item and wishing to donate. *To exclude drugs, money, sex/physical services, weapons, knives, guns, chemical products. Applicants for products will not identified and represented on lists, unless desired by themselves.

We are individuals from various backgrounds, who have come together in helping to make a change. A little background into why I created The Wish list Along the way of travelling through the journey of my life, engaging with people and observing this world, I asked myself certain questions, certain things, where I: 1. Realised; We were not born into this world to make a change for ourselves alone, what makes us different what makes this world a beautiful place, is when we pay notice to the beautiful things and embrace them. 2. Then, questioned; But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What beauty is there for one to see, if one does not feel the beauty, if it is all dark, if it is all just merely a struggle or hoping any wish would be the last wish, because they get so tired of disappointments and clouds hanging over them with no hope or hand to show them a better way. 3. How; I then asked myself, why and where does this start, we all come into this world crying, is that because we already know what is awaiting us in the future, the irony in the loud cry we burst out in when we get born. Not long after do we as one of the first things, learn to smile. The only reason for that smile, the one and only thing that triggers that amazing smile on an innocent childs face, is the love and attention that brings the child joy. 4. When; does that get taken away, why does that get taken away, why do we let it get taken away. Why do we not go and hold a hand that is hurting, heal a heart that is breaking, lighten a mind which beautiful light colours are fading… Why?! I am the founder of “The Wish list” and all of the questions above, are the reason, I decided; I no longer want to watch and wonder, I want to make a change. I want to help, I know we as human care for each other and want to believe we are good, but why not prove it by doing something about it.. Why do we not all get up and say: ” We Want To Help, We Want To Make That Wish Come True “

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